Unleash the power within  

Identity and values drive success

When people thrive, organizations and places thrive. Which is why shaping a vibrant culture begins with understanding collective identity and shared values. Conscious or unconscious – these are the triggers for every human action and interaction.

In the last 15 years a team of international experts analyzed about 100 teams, organizations and places. Supporting them in answering questions like:


  • How to be valuable for our customers?

  • How to strengthen our identity?

  • What are our shared values?

  • Do we check our decisions against our values?

  • How to attract the right people?

Identity and values in a blink

Our knowledge and experiences have been compressed into Energy8, a blend of a web-enabled tool, ValueMaps and an inspiring workshop format. Well crafted to quickly discover collective identity and shared values of teams, organizations, places and communities. 

By applying the combination of ValueMaps and workshops, people together are able to rediscover their identity and values. Field tests show it brings rapid, enduring results.

We support organizations (profit- and non-profit) and places globally. The work is ongoing and new insights are continuously integrated into our body of knowledge.

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